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Friday, 11 March 2011

Bought An 18-Year Old Classic

I've always had a special attraction for the Nighthawk 750. The exhaust growl  was really distinctive and gave the bike character. It sounds very different from most other inline four engines I've heard.

I also think the exposed engine makes the bike look very butch and old-school, and I like that.

When I took this bike on a test ride, I was surprised at how smooth the engine was. It also handled really well and gave me the feeling of sitting "in" the bike instead of "on" the bike. It won't pull your arms out of their sockets, but it has enough power for daily commuting and I think it won't be too shabby as a tourer also, if you slap on a decent windshield. 

The bike shows it's age, and isn't really in the best condition cosmetically, so there's lots of work to be done. I hope to be able to restore this bike in the months to come.

Left view

 Right View
View of the GIVI boxes that came with it.

Another view of the boxes