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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Laptop Crashed

Hi folks,
I haven't posted Part II of the brake caliper rebuild because of a new job. Been really busy.
Then when I finally got down to do it, my Toshiba laptop died on me after 7 years of faithful service. I'm in the process of extracting my data from the harddisk and migrating to a new computer.

Please bear with me during this time. I'll get to updating the brake line install one way or another.


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  1. Any chance you might be reviving this blog at any point? Your tutorials are great and cover a lot of the major jobs that people end up doing on these bikes. I just finished bleeding my hydraulic tappets, it was easier than I expected, my next job will be the Front fork rebuild, and your tutorial will be very helpful for that. Hope you decide to continue your blog, thanks for everything you've provided so far!